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Elementary News ➤ Article 8290
Thumbnail Image for Article 8290Madison Seyb wins with javelin.
Posted Date: 01/26/2017

The winner of the 2017 Stanton County Spelling Bee is Madison Seyb.  Her championship word was javelin. The bee had 28 participants from grades 3-8 and lasted 16 rounds. 

It was nip and tuck as Madison and Mia Miravete, runner-up, battled back and forth.  The two girls were the only remaining spellers in round 10.  Madison missed her word and Mia spelled hers correctly to lead to Mia’s championship round, #11.  Mia misspelled avian to send it back to a 2-person contest.  Both girls spelled their words correctly in rounds 12 and 13, then Madison misspelled in round 14.  Mia also missed her word, keeping Madison in the game.  Madison aced her word in round 15, followed by a miss from Mia.  Madison then had her chance at a championship round, and was able to bring the victory. 

As Stanton County Spelling Bee winner, Madison was awarded a 1st Place trophy, a one-year paid subscription to Britannica Encyclopedia Online, and an expenses-paid trip to compete in the Sunflower Spelling Bee in Hays, Saturday, February 25, sponsored by the Stanton County PTO. The winner of the Sunflower Spelling Bee will go on to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.

The 2017 Stanton County Spelling Bee was held on Tuesday, January 24, in the High School Auditorium.  Twenty-eight students from grades 3 through 8 won the right to represent their classes and participated in the 16 round bee. Participating from 3rd grade were Alessandra Ramos, Karlee Nairn, Kambri Shellenberger, Aurora Walker, Karla Bautista and Gerardo Robles.  Participants from 4th grade were Atlee Nerheim, Hannah White, Heidi White, Kenzington Nairn, and Mia Miravete.  From 5th grade were Violet Alvarado – last year’s winner, Madison Seyb – this year’s winner, Ashlyn Leiker, Lauren Canny, and Brandon Robles.  Competing from 6th grade were Jaxson McMillan, Briggon Mason, Devin Dawson, Alexys Walker, Belle Batterton and Jaxson Rios.  From 7th grade were Brione Lewis and  Uziel Carrasco, and 8th graders were Andrea Morris, Brayden Grant, Zach Farnham and Carli Garza.  

-DeAnn Gaddis